Current Issue

MNEMOSYNE | Spring 2017

In His Armor Clad

by Sandra M. Odell

After Anya’s troubles, Victor reinvents himself as her knight in shining armor. The morning Anya wakes and someone else looks at him through her eyes, he realizes Anya is a hydra in disguise…[CONTINUE READING]

Pressed Lincolns

by Victorya Chase

Jeanette was brushing her teeth and looking in the mirror while she scratched her stomach when she realized that in place of the ten pounds she was never able to lose was Plexiglas and behind the Plexiglas, where once she housed internal organs (among them, she assumed, her stomach and bladder and perhaps some intestines or a lung) were now the mechanics of a novelty penny embossing machine…[CONTINUE READING]

Whipping the Dead

by Jen Finelli

My van understands death better than most people do. She dies about three times every day, usually when we pause together at a stop sign or a red light, and once she died in the middle of the highway as we passed a McDonald’s on the corner of I-95 and 17…[CONTINUE READING]

Left and Leaving

by Repo Kempt

The derelict farmhouse slumped at the bottom of a long, dirt road, nestled in a copse of silver birch and hemlock. The once-fertile fields around the trees had overgrown with scattered brambles and alder bushes amongst the high grass…[Purchase Issue]

Read/Write Head

by Tim Major

“Mr Major?”
Timothy John Major blinks rapidly.
“I can come back a little later if you’d prefer?” She must be an intern: other than the name ‘E. Tooley’, her badge is plain. The nametags on the others’ lab coats featured a logo, three trapezia interlocking to create a triangle of red, green and gold. A clipboard rests in her lap…[CONTINUE READING]

The Seas of Hell in a Little Glass Bottle

by Michael Paul Gonzalez

Mr. Bloom meets me at the entrance with a curt nod and we make our way up the staircase. The door whispers closed behind us, shutting out the haze, the street vendors, even the clatter of horse and carriage…[Purchase Issue]

The Night the Stars Fell

by Sarah Lyn Eaton

The city slid slowly into night as traffic headlights blurred past the darkening alleyway. Shadows illuminated the seldom used space, a through-way inhabited only by the unseen and the forgotten. Within the dank corridor, a dusty form rustled, struggling for breath beneath desiccated newspapers and discarded grease rags. The man below that makeshift skin broke through the layer of insulation, gasping…[Purchase Issue]

The Washerwoman

by Amelia Searight

I remember, though I am not supposed to. It’s my job now to make sure the others forget. Wash away their memories, scrub them off like a stain on a rug, for Pyoti. The Washerwoman…[Purchase Issue]

Mobius Scratch

by D. Morgan Ballmer

The glossy posting of a poorly mimeographed tabby stapled to a telephone pole. The feline wears the same vapid expression as Dr. Jamieson when we have our weekly court-appointed meetings. I can almost hear the stupid thing asking “How are you feeling today, Easton? Are you using the breathing techniques we’ve practiced? Are you still having nightmares?”…[Purchase Issue]

The Mosaic

by G.D Watry

Natalia Hawkins felt the mosaic’s mesmeric lure, as if the eldritch backwoods scenery wrapped her in its spindly, gnarled tree branches, cocooning her consciousness from the reality she knew…[Purchase Issue]


Two Poems

by Lorraine Schein

…[Purchase Issue]

Drowning in a Shallow Creek Bed

by Charles Kell

…[Purchase Issue]

Copy of a Bernini Statue

by Britny C. Doane

…[Purchase Issue]

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