Current Issue


The Want Hearts, The Need Needs

by Nikki Guerlain

Little John’s dog is barking at me, frothing mad, but kind of whining too. Little John says he’s a good barometer for telling whether people are good or bad. He never had any truck with me before today, but I just got back from a trip with my parents, and I haven’t quite felt like myself since…[CONTINUE READING]

Finding Waltzer-Three

by Tim Major

A static-filled sigh comes across the comms link. Richard leans close to the speaker housed in the control unit. When his wife speaks, he jolts back in alarm…[CONTINUE READING]

The Epiphany of Cool

by Emily Slaney

Jade curls her lip, shines the dull yellow beam of the torch up her face, faux horror. The light taints her skin jaundice. “Comfortable?”…[CONTINUE READING]

The Sleep of Reason

by Sandi Leibowitz

I have never believed in angels. I never used to believe in devils, but when they visit you, it’s hard to maintain your skepticism. I painted demons once, leering and drooling, eager to devour a dying impenitent, despite a saint’s prayers. I would rather be attended by such amiable creatures than the one who has selected me…[CONTINUE READING]


by Gayle Towell

Janya lay on her back on the small raft floating in the pond under the late summer stars. She let her arms hang out to the sides, the chill on her fingers where her hands bobbed in and out of the water. Inside her head she had access to the names of each and every glowing object in the sky…[CONTINUE READING]

Vertebrae and Moss

by David K. Yeh

This morning the sunbeams are coins my father casts into the bannered crowd. Hoisting me onto his shoulder, he fiercely kisses my mother’s cheek, her laughter bright as emblazoned silk. This memory is long ago, far away. My thoughts are thirsty roots that drink the past. The earth holds everything in her depths…[CONTINUE READING]

The Blue Martini

by Jameson Rader

“Being blind, I am always concerned with my appearance. As in, never staring into the same direction too continuously, wearing darkly tinted glasses in case I do, breaking away from dates to feel my face, nostrils, and hair in the bathroom stall. Making sure that nothing feels out of sorts, also that I demonstrate a nice contour. How I look is always on my mind…[Purchase Issue]

Half A Skinned Rabbit

by Zahid Gamieldien

The girl, who has forgotten her name, answers to Dee these days. The man, whom she calls Pup, says that Dee’s mother named her with a beautiful name, that it started with the letter D, but he’ll be goddamned if he can recall it. Truth be told, he doesn’t recall too much; doesn’t want to, mostly. Life is a constant act of forgetting—how else can one go on?…[Purchase Issue]

Nussubaum And The Nautilus

by Nathan M. Beauchamp

The reflective silver of the salvage crab’s carapace scalds Grandmother Nussbaum’s hand as she lowers herself into the cockpit. She fumbles with the harness, cinching it around her narrow waist and bony shoulders. It takes several minutes to gain neural sync. Conjuring complex geometric shapes, much less a whole series of them, gives her trouble these days. But after the hatch seals, the joystick unlocks, and the circulator whirs to life, a girlish excitement flushes her face…[Purchase Issue]



by Yuxing Xia

We tried to track its footsteps
through the trail of broken cow bones
and crumbled candy wrappers,…[CONTINUE READING]

Remembering the Fifth of November

by Lucy Gabriel

The fire kicks embers to dance
in veils of smoke, like oracles.
They remember a ritual, older than bonfire night,…[CONTINUE READING]

Fever Dream

by Colleen Anderson

The fire’s heat beads upon my brow.
I stare awake, unfamiliar from that realm.
In the dark and downy warmth I see… [CONTINUE READING]

The Unstuttering of Star

by Susan Gerson

Sublime flutter, the stutter of breath
slowing with sun to frame
moments circling rim, distancing
sauvignon day done in… [Purchase Issue]

The War of Night and Day

by Matthew Wilson

Damn the demons at the door
Now the night has killed the sun
Zeus sits shaking on his throne …[Purchase Issue]


by Lorraine Schein

Born was I of great Chaos
(who also spawned Love).
My darkness helps break… [Purchase Issue]

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