Escaping The Crimson Sphere | Chris Kelso

19 Mar




Follow Billy, as he pushes himself around the barren, sand strewn ramparts of a seemingly deserted planet in an abandoned trolley cart, and witness the malevolent species dwelling in the outskirts.

On his bare chest were huge black leeches sucking at him. One covered from Jerry’s collar bone to his left nipple and as it bled him out, pulsated and made grotesque, wet sounds. One was working his belly and was overlapped by another leech drinking the blood from the area around his ribcage. Tommy had the first aid trunk opened and was frantically searching for the tranquillisers. 

Escaping the Crimson Sphere, written by Chris Kelso and illustrated by Justin Coons is a nightmarish fantasy about a ship navigating through the Kuiper Belt that crashes. Escaping The Crimson Sphere, a new bi-weekly serial on Pantheon Magazine, debuts on April 19th, and will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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