Artemis Issue Is Available & The Pantheon Shop Is Open

23 Jun

Quarterly, we put together a print copy of all the stories we upload on this site, plus a few added extras that we throw in there as an incentive that you won’t find on the site. We also  have promotional items that we have left over available in our SHOP page. You never really know what you’ll find in there. We don’t even know what you’ll find in there sometimes. Take a look.



Hades | April 2013

Font Cover 2Content

Pitter Patter by Querus Abuttu
Hardboiled Hell by Ryan S. Mooney
The Meantimes by Gabriel Holt
Harrowing Emily by Megan Arkenberg
Soul Kisses by John T. Biggs
Heavyweight by Jason Metz
From The Backs of Four Shop-Rite Bags by Kevin Winter
The Book Of Seth by Rebecca Jones-Howe

BUY NOW ON AMAZON ($6.29 for a limited time!)



Artemis | July 2013

Artemis - CorrectedContent

Beyond The Eye by Dino Parenti
The Covetousness of Trolls by Thomas Canfield
We’ve Only Just Begun by Renee Asher Pickup
Super-Human Condition by Jason Lairamore
The Midnight Lover by Carol Schwalberg
The Philosopher by Karen Runge
Rather A Nice Finish by Eryk Pruitt
The Goddess by Alexandra Grunberg
Gravidism by Jessica Meddows
The Pixelated Paladin by Steve Gronert Ellerhoff (IN PRINT ONLY)
Series Preview: Scoop by Eryk Pruitt (IN PRINT ONLY)




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