Poseidon (#3) Available for Kindle .99 cents.

22 Sep

The full Poseidon issue is now available on Amazon Kindle for 0.99 cents! Kindle formats do not include artwork, but come with the convenience of taking along with you in your digital library. Other formats coming soon! Read us.

Lend us. Love us. No really, we mean it. Buy a copy and share it with anyone who you think will like it. We encourage lending. Purchase your copy here.

POSEIDON EBOOK - Douglas Gibson, Linda Hallgren, KelsiKen Goldman, Zachary Houle, Jason Metz, Michael Chaney



The Sand Baby by Shona Snowden
The Sea Came by Linda Hallgren
Lions of a Stony Shore by Kelsie Hahn
Flood Savings by Michael Chaney
The Odyssey of the Penelope Anne by Ken Goldman
From The Sea by Matthew Brennan
The Paredrae by Jason Metz
An Evening Breakfast by Douglas Gibson
Double Income, No Kids by Zachary Houle
The Parts Which Make Us Whole by Emma McMorran


One Response to “Poseidon (#3) Available for Kindle .99 cents.”

  1. michaelalexanderchaney September 29, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    What a great line-up. I’m really looking forward to reading these stories. Kudos to you editors for all your efforts.

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