Pantheon Magazine Now Accepting Poetry Submissions

10 Oct



For the first time and beginning with the Dionysus issue, Pantheon Magazine is OPEN to Poetry submissions.

Why? Well, we have a devoted Poetry Editor to head the whole thing. Welcome Lindsay Doukopoulos to the Pantheon Magazine team! We’re thankful to have her here. I don’t read much of poetry, so unless you want a lot of Roses are red, violets are blue type poetry, you don’t want me picking out poems.

Who? Lindsay Doukopoulos has published poetry and fiction in various journals such as WordRiot, Smokelong Quarterly, The Southeast Review, and Bat City Review, among others. She holds a Ph.D in Creative writing and has spent some time as poetry editor at Juked.

When? Starting with the Dionysus issue. We’re unclear on how many we’ll take, depending on submissions and time (It’s mid October already!).

How do I submit? We’re currently working on a set of specific poetry guidelines, but assume the normal formatting standards for poetry for now if you choose to submit today or tomorrow. Full guidelines should be up sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, the main guideline is to stick with the theme. Let it inspire your poem. We are accepting original AND previously published poetry. We aren’t currently offering payment. Hmm..what else…nope, that’s it for now. Categories are open for Dionysus and Aphrodite.

Submit submit submit. Then tell your poet friends to submit.


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