Latest Updates – November 2013

30 Nov

We understand you may not have had time to drop by and check out our site to see what’s new, so here are few things you might have missed.

November –

12 years a slave12 Years A Slave (2013) – Powerfully Brutal

by Bill Tucker

There’s nothing more satisfying than when indie directors hit it big.  Previously known in art circles as an experimental filmmaker, McQueen first hit the feature scene with Hunger and made his second appearance with 2011’s Shame.  Although I had some harsh criticisms of the later, there was something unmistakable about McQueen’s skill and technique…[CONTINUE READING]



The Wallis Tree | Blaine |Part Four

by Jason Lairamore   

Blaine Gentry could see fine in the black of night and enjoyed the wet rolling waves against the ship.  But, he couldn’t abide the cold.  He missed his summer runs down in Africa.  Now there were people with fire in their souls.  And, of course, he could never forget the Indians of Latin America.  They could pry the heat from the earth with vehement skill and serve it up on a twist of beat corn.  They’d smile as people choked and burned from the peppered goodness.


Mother Gaia - PantheonGaia: Shadow & Breath

Special Call for Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, & Magical Realism

We’re happy to announce the first of two annual anthologies. The first, entitled “Gaia: Shadow & Breath”, will feature stories of fantasy, dark fantasy, and magical realism. Dark fantasy with horror elements OK. For more information, including guidelines, please read our special call post. You can find it HERE.



Staff Update # 2IMG_1429

Welcome to our two new Fiction Readers, Sarah Read and Michael Riser! 

One of the perks of running a magazine, aside from publishing talented authors, is working with great people. A few days ago we added two members to the Pantheon team, who will be helping by reading through submissions and adding fresh perspectives to the fiction we publish.So with that said, welcome Sarah Read and Michael Riser to the growing Pantheon Magazine team!

And please send them your fiction. They’re just dying to read it.

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