New Series: “Ghost” By Phoebe Reeves-Murray

4 Jan


The Beginning and the End in the Haoma Field in the Middle East

We came into being as One.

Until we opened our eyes and gazed into what we find ourselves determined to remember as the face of warm, brilliant Majesty.

Our eyes burn still with that lost light…

Every color…

A different agony…

A different loss…

A different frustration…

A different hope…

Held fast in blazing spectrum by the white flame of grief…

And love.

Why did we look?

Why do we love?

A black maw yawned, sucking, spitting, splitting us with the endless ferocity of its pull.

We cried, and the sharp, hot light of our tears fell, burning through what remained of Heaven, and fell away as mere pinpoints into the vast darkness beneath. We didn’t know what we would become. We simply became.

Don’t let us fall into all that Darkness.

But no Creator answered us.

Those on the edge between the black well and the white-gold wave had already begun to fall, clawing apart the remaining light of Heaven as they slid, blinded because they stared without blinking, every one of their tears imprisoned in their eyes, burned blind by one pain: their own…[CONTINUE READING]


GHOST is an original illustrated novel by Maine artist and author team Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray and Phoebe Reeves-Murray. GHOST is a trilogy consisting of GHOST, NEPHILIM and finally, ARCHANGEL.


Look for the next installment 1/18/2014


One Response to “New Series: “Ghost” By Phoebe Reeves-Murray”

  1. DonnaS. January 6, 2014 at 7:36 pm #

    “Don’t let us fall into all that Darkness. But no Creator answered us.”


    I’m now waiting for the rest. 😉

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