BOOK REVIEW: The Stud Book by Monica Drake

7 Mar



Review by Dino Parenti




What kind of animal doesn’t mate? Georgie made it look easy! Nyla did this when she was practically a kid. Dulcet taught kids how to fight off pregnancy like it was a raging epidemic.


Sarah’s thoughts regarding the frigid female snow leopard playing hard-to-get with a male’s sexual overtures; her searing indignation towards reproductive apathy shortly after her fourth miscarriage.


Animal metaphors play a recurring role in Monica Drake’s The Stud Book, as much a thesis on the perils of baby-making and motherhood as it is on the stigmas of remaining childless—either by choice or otherwise—in modern America. A book explicit in its angsts of cultural expectation, it’s equally unafraid to portray the frailty, the panic, the filth, and even the dark humor inherent in the creating and raising of children[CONTINUE READING]

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