Changes On The Horizon—Payment Rates, Frequency, & Other Good Things!

17 Apr
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I was considering letting all this awesome out a little at a time, but then thought it’d be best just to let you in on all the changes we have coming on the horizon. I’ve never been patient anyway. I started Pantheon Magazine in January 2013, and beginning with the January 2015 issue, we’ll have some changes coming your way:



Fiction: Pantheon will be going to a standard semi-pro rate (1 cent per word) starting with the January 2015 issue + 1 electronic copy in your preferred format (PDF, ePUB, Kindle) and discounted print copies for contributors.
Poetry: Pantheon will pay a standard semi-pro payment of $5 per poem. + 1 electronic copy (PDF, ePUB, Kindle) and discounted print copies for contributors.
Art: $100 per cover.


These payment terms will begin with the January 2015 issue. Submissions will open on June 1st, 2014. Theme TBD. 



Pantheon will put out two rotating-themed issues per year that will be available in all the formats you now enjoy (print, eBook, and online) and two print and eBook only anthologies (one fantasy and one horror) per year.  For the rotating-themed issues, we’ll publish one story and a few poems each month to keep you occupied until the next issue.


Below is a tentative publication schedule for 2015:


January 2015: Rotating Themed issue (print/eBook formats on sale, with content made available monthly thereafter)
March – April 2015: Gaia Fantasy Anthology (Print/eBooks on sale)
June 2015: Rotating themed issue (print/eBook formats on sale, with content made available monthly thereafter)
October – November 2015: Typhon Horror Anthology (Print/eBooks on sale)



With all these changes, we’re going to need a few good people to help out with the additional submission pile we’re expecting. Lindsay Doukopoulos will continue to be your fearless Poetry Editor. In addition to her, Sarah Read, who has been reading for Pantheon Magazine for a few months now, will be stepping into the co-role of Fiction Editor for Pantheon Magazine.


Sarah’s work has appeared in two of our issues, and is forthcoming in Dark House Press’s Exigencies anthology, as well as Black Static # 40. I’m thrilled to have her onboard, and excited for the direction and perspective she will bring to our growing team.


Matthew Andrew will be joining the team as a first reader as well!


We are still on the lookout for another reader to help us find great fiction. If you or anyone you know is interested in reading for us, drop us a line at as to what type of fiction interests you, and why you’d like to read for us specifically.


That said, we are excited to continue to read all your wonderful submissions. Bring them on!


Mathew Allan Garcia
Fiction Editor
Pantheon Magazine
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One Response to “Changes On The Horizon—Payment Rates, Frequency, & Other Good Things!”

  1. Phoebe Reeves-Murray April 17, 2014 at 7:23 pm #

    Fantastic news, Mathew! I am so happy for Pantheon and you all’s success! Thank you Pantheon for giving writers a quality platform, product, audience, and terrific editors!

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