Featured Fiction: The Minotaur’s Wife | Megan Arkenberg

27 Jan

Our featured fiction this week is The Minotaur’s Wife by Megan Arkenberg

The Minotaur's Wife

I think it is fair to say that when you saw me for the first time, small and thin for my age and unimposing in a poppy-colored wedding gown, you thought you knew precisely what you were getting. You knew my brother—knew him too well, the rumors said—and at seventeen, I was much like Sphairos to look at, too pale, too skinny, my dark hair dry and thin. But you thought I had my brother’s thoughts as well, spidery and tangled and poppy-colored, and in that, my husband, you were quite wrong.






Megan ArkenbergMegan Arkenberg
 lives and writes in California. Her work has appeared in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons,The Apocalypse Triptych anthology series, and dozens of other places.  She procrastinates by editing the fantasy e-zine Mirror Dance.

“The Minotaur’s Wife” was first published in Semaphore, December 2010.

Read Megan’s other work:

Naxos (Jan, 2014)
Harrowing Emily (April 2013)

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