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The psychedelic garage rock trio that makes up the L.A Witches is Vox/Guitar Sade Sanchez, Bass/Organ Irita pai and Drummer Ellie. Today they stop by to tell us about their band and their great new self titled EP, which was Recorded/Engineered by Joel Jerome & Lucy Miyaki, with artwork credit going to Felipe Ramirez. They’ve been kind enough to answer some questions about the group. 

  LA Witch 2PM: How did you all come together and form L.A Witch?

IRITA: Diana and Crystal [our original guitarist and drummer] and I had been jamming together just for fun, hanging out.

SADE: Our mutual friend introduced us because I was looking for a band after being musically inactive for some time. Ellie’s our newest member, coincidentally Ellie and I had a band in high school and we reunited after losing our OG drummer.

PM: How did you settle on the band name? Were there any other names you considered?

IRITA: Crystal and I really wanted Wet Dream. Sade and Diana weren’t down. Dead Flowers, Diamond Dogs, Black Girls. Black Girls was taken by some white solo artist. Really everything was taken.

SADE: We were unnamed for so long. We actually were forced to pick because we had our L.A Witch 1first show booked, and they needed a name for the flyer. Some other band names I thought of were The Starlettes, Bad Vibrations, Make-Up. I also really wanted to be called Gemineyes.

IRITA: I think we came up with the name like 4 days before the show.

PM: How would you describe your music in 10 words or less?

SADE: Dirty, dark, distorted, reverb-soaked punked out rock.

ELLIE: The first time I heard it, sounded like a mellowed out version of the Stooges.

PM: Who are your biggest musical influences, individually and as a band? Do you credit any specific bands for influencing your sound?

SADE: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, Rolling Stones, anything touched by Phil Spector. Miscellaneous 60’s garage bands.

IRITA: Definitely BJM. Black Sabbath, CCR, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Sleep. 60’s surf.

ELLIE: John Bonham. I don’t have a favorite band. I love Nirvana, even though its cliche to say. Iggy and the Stooges, Pink Floyd, the Pixies, Fela Kuti.

SADE: I don’t think we ever consciously try to sound like anybody or anything, the outcome is just a mix of our influences and things we like.

PM : Did you have a vision for what L.A Witch were supposed to sound like when you came together, or did you just go with the flow?

IRITA: Definitely went with the flow.

PM: Any crazy/funny/interesting moments from touring? What’s the best gig you’ve played and why?

SADE: Our last show residency show at the Silverlake Lounge was pretty cool, we played with some good bands and a lot of our friends were there.

IRITA: There’s a lot of touring moments but nothing we can really get into – too juicy. We stayed at our friend’s house in San Diego after Babe Fest, got stoned and played old school Mortal Kombat. That was fun. When we played in San Francisco we stayed in the Mission, someone got shot in the parking lot right outside our window and we saw the gunman fleeing and everything.

PM: What do you think about the current music out nowadays? Anything you like?

SADE: I don’t think much of it. I’m very detached from current music, but some music I’ve recently added into my iTunes library are A Place to Bury Strangers and Tamaryn (Rex Shelverton is a huge guitar influence on me right now). Just found a cool all-girl band called Savages, who are like an all-girl Joy Division.

ELLIE: All I really know are my friend’s bands, and that’s it.

SADE: Some of our friends play in some good bands. The Sister Ruby Band, Drinking Flowers and Levitation Room are some good ones.

IRITA: Tashaki Miyaki too

PM: Anything you really don’t like?

SADE: Lots of the new music now is not timeless. Seems like a lot of it is just for the moment. When you do find a really good band or song, you really embrace it.

IRITA: There’s too many bands. Everyone that lives within a 3-mile radius of Echo Park is in a band. I mean, it’s cool that people are doing that, you can really get your music out there and reach people. I don’t think it would have been possible previously.

ELLIE: Because of technology,  everyone has a lot of opportunities. But I’m tired of auto-tune.

PM: How was the experience of recording your self-titled debut EP?

IRITA: Really rad.

SADE: Lucy [Tashaki Miyaki] and Joel [Babies on Acid] are so fun to work with, we felt really comfortable.

IRITA: It was a long time in the making. We never had anything officially recorded, the last thing we released was a demo that was done on garage band like 2 years ago.

PM: Are there any plans for a full length album anytime soon?

IRITA: Yeah, we have a bunch of songs recorded. We’re just in the editing process now.

PM: What are your upcoming gigs that folks can catch?

IRITA: We’re playing in Vegas at the Beauty Bar with our buddies on August 16th. We have some other shows lined up, we try to update our Facebook as much as possible so everything’s always up-to-date.

L.A. Witch 3PM: Now, Pantheon is a themed magazine based on Greek mythology so we’re obligated to ask this of all our guests: If you were a god/goddess, which would you be? 

SADE: Whichever rules the sea.

IRITA: She’s a Pisces.

ELLIE: I just took a class on this so I should know. Hermes, with wings on his shoes.

IRITA: Athena [goddess of war]. or Dionysus [god of wine].

SADE: Actually I think Apollo [god of light, music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague and darkness].

Thanks for stopping by, it’s been great! Be sure to check out L.A. Witch via their Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming shows.




Cover art

RECORDED/ENGINEERED by Joel Jerome (Dios Malos, Babies on Acid) and Lucy Miyaki (Tashaki Miyaki, Stone Darling)
ARTWORK by Felipe Ramirez
SADE SANCHEZ – guitar/vocals
IRITA PAI – bass/organ
CRYSTAL NAVA – drums/percussion
LUCY MIYAKI – guest vocals/percussion

To purchase L.A. Witch’s new self titled EP, visit their page on Bandcamp HERE. (Name your own price!)

Like them on Facebook for up to date news and show dates.

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