Escaping The Crimson Sphere





(Illustrations by Justin Coons)

One: The Ugly Kid
Two: The Caravan In The Desert
Three: Martha
Four: Hitting The Road
Five: Dead Morrissey
Six: The Man In The Mirror
Seven: Somewhere Else, But Not Here


Follow Billy, as he pushes himself around the barren, sand strewn ramparts of a seemingly deserted planet in an abandoned trolley cart, and witness the malevolent species dwelling in the outskirts.

Escaping the Crimson Sphere, written by Chris Kelso and illustrated by Justin Coons is a nightmarish fantasy about a ship navigating through the Kuiper Belt that crashes. Escaping The Crimson Sphere, a new bi-weekly serial on Pantheon Magazine, debuts on April 19th, and will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.



JustinChris Kelso is a Scottish writer, illustrator, editor and journalist. He is the creator of Imperial Youth Review. He has been printed frequently in literary and university journals across the UK, US and Canada, including:- Asimov’s, Copeland Valley’s Apocalypse Donkey Anthology, Polluto, Evergreen Review (final issue 130), Cadaverine, Verbicide, The Delinquent, Everything is Fine (stories inspired by David Lynch), Alternation, In This Music?, Full Metal Orgasm, Trisickle magazine, Trouser Press, Dream People, Sein Und Werden, Heart and Lungs, Profane Existence, In Bed With Maradona, Re-Gen Magazine, Lost Boy Zine, Sabotage Times, Beard Rock, Total Football Magazine, ScotZine, Dead Man’s Tome(August Issue), DogCast Central, Duality (Issue 4), Salzberg Review, FirstWriter Magazine, The Edinburgh Journal and the Strathclyde Telegraph.
He is also the agent of Adam Lowe and represents his award winning novella Troglodyte Rose,
Chris serves as assistant editor for Dog Horn, Eraserhead press (Portland
based) (and cult horror imprint Deadite) under the tutelage of cult novelists Jeff Burke, Kevin Donihe and Carlton Mellick III- editing books by Edward Lee, Tom Bradley, John Skipp, Robert Eggleton, Nate Southard, Robert Devreaux Kane.X.Faucher, Michael Cisco and David W Barbee.


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