Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Please read the entire page before emailing questions. Make sure your submissions are up to the submission guidelines listed on this page. If submissions do not follow these guidelines, it is not guaranteed that they will be read.

Please make sure files follow these important guidelines:

  • Double Spaced
  • Font: Courier or Times New Roman
  • Author Name & Email included
  • Word Count
  • DO NOT Paste into Cover Letter box
  • Number Pages



Pantheon Magazine is interested in fresh, creative, and powerful fiction that grips us and doesn’t let us go. We like it quick and concise, dammit. Longer work is also considered, but brevity is appreciated. We have short attention spans. We’re looking for fiction that is inspired by the god or goddess in our OPEN PROMPTS page. Right now, we’re publishing about one issue per year. However, we’re planning to publish issues more regularly soon.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please include a note as to how your story is inspired or relates to the theme/prompt you are submitting to. If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee your story will be read. A single sentence is sufficient.

Please make sure your work is thoroughly edited. Have someone who doesn’t like you very much read your story, then send it to us. Poorly edited work will not likely make the cut.



We are fond of form and very partial to poems that end in fireworks—literal, figurative—this is open to interpretation. We want poems that dazzle, that leave us breathless, that explode with meaning and beauty.

  • Poetry submissions should contain no more than 3 poems.
  • All poems submitted must in some way engage the theme of the current issue.
  • Include the name of the theme of the issue you would like to be considered for in your Submission Title and/or cover letter.
  • Previously published work and simultaneous submissions are permitted as long as they fit the theme.
  • Please notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere after you submit.

We believe a speedy reply is more valuable than individualized feedback—our quick responses and polite, impersonal rejection notices reflect this.



We’re primarily a fiction magazine, but as we are also music and movie lovers, we always welcome music, movie, and book reviews, so long as the music/movie/book you are reviewing is relatively new. Preferably within the past month or two. We’re a little more lenient with music and book reviews, as there’s so much good stuff out there that’s overlooked. Please follow the same formatting guidelines (more or less) as fiction submissions.

Please keep reviews under 1000 words.


Would you like to be our featured cover artist for one of our issues? Email us at with a sample of your work. We’ll get back in touch.


Every so often, we will do interviews with authors/musicians who we like. Feel free to email us if you are working on a project that you would like to chat with us about.


We LOVE sloppy seconds! Send them over.


Please, feel free to send your work to ask many venues as you can. We know how frustrating it is to have to wait three months for a reply only to be rejected. Just let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. If we run into too many situations where we’re not notified, we’ll have to reconsider. Until then, go nuts.


We publish everything. That means if you send us Sci-Fi, Horror, Literary, Bizarro, Slipstream, Noir, Fantasy, Sci-Bi, Horrterary, Litstream, Noirror and any other combination of the genres, it will be given a shot.

That being said, there are things we don’t usually like. If your Sci-Fi story requires explanation of too many of the components (nuts and bolts), and requires us to take notes, it’s probably not for us. If your Fantasy has city or character names that are unpronounceable or hurt our mouths to say, then it’s probably not for us. We like fun, exciting, new fiction. That’s it!


Fiction: Pantheon Magazine pays  1 cent per word for unpublished fiction starting with June 1st submissions. However, at the moment, we pay nada (<-this means nothing) for unsolicited reprints.

Poetry: We pay a flat $5 for poetry.

Cover Artwork: $100 per cover.

In addition, each contributor will receive electronic copies of the issue their work will appear in, as well as discounts off the print issue.

Unfortunately, we can only pay via Paypal.

Payment upon publication will be the norm, but can be much sooner.

RIGHTS: We are asking for print and electronic rights, which revert back to you three months after publication. We also ask for the right to archive your work on our website. 


In the cover letter  please include your name, and a short bio (50 words or less). If submitting a movie/book/music review, please make sure to list the book/movie/band you’re reviewing in the cover letter.

If you’d like to include a brief synopsis, that’s cool too, but not required. If you are submitting for a future quarter, please let us know which prompt it is you are submitting for in your cover letter.


Report your submission to Parable Press at the Internet's best submission-tracker!

Still Have Questions? Send us a quick note at

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