Super-Human Condition | Jason Lairamore

The Super Human Condition

E yes pierced the dark alleyways, so many eyes, and they looked at me, some with fear, some with anger, but all with the worst thing imaginable.  Each and every person’s jadish glowing eyes possessed intelligence.  And not just the budding dawn of intelligent awareness I’d seen on other carbon-based planets.  These people burst with enlightenment.  I sighed at the waste of potential.  It was all for naught, all of it.

“Lynn Meadows, in all of life’s senses, is it really you?  I’d not expected you to be cleaning out the carbons here.  Of all the places.  Wow.”  I turned to Michael Fields knowing as I did that he’d be wearing that impossibly wide smile on his face.  Sure enough, he was.

I couldn’t hold his eye for long.  I never could, not even when we were children.  His beautiful face just beamed, really beamed, right through my extra-elementary skin and into my intra-dimensional heart.  The flux of quantum energy he sparked from me was hard to redirect.

“I” The darkened jade-lit street exploded with sound and light.  The people screamed, their guns projected little bits of condensed carbon all over.  Some of it hit Michael and I, but it didn’t matter.  Michael ignored it.  I used it as an excuse to change the subject.

“It’s really sad.”  I looked out at the sea of angry faces.  Their tears looked real enough.  I got the tug of their emotional desperation.  We’d destroyed, slowly and methodically, almost every place there was life and they’d been powerless to stop us.

“They’ve been granted intelligence.  It’s the highest potential I’ve ever seen.”  The rat-a-tat of their weapon fire tickled as its waves hit my skin.  I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped me as I turned back to Michael.

Michael never turned from me to look out at the people we were exterminating.  His smile had settled into a comforting relax that I felt I could almost lie in.  His eyes were soft and focused as they scanned my body, lit as it was by the strobe-like light of the people’s gunfire.  I ventured a half smile at him though my eyes were downcast.

“Intelligent sparks where it may, as you well know, Lynn.”  He raised his arm half toward me, fingers extended.  Explosions ripped the ground out from under our feet.  We floated there as if nothing had happened.

The explosions kept coming, one louder and more distracting than the next.  Michael’s smile faltered and his hand fell back to his side.  “We have to kill the carbons, Lynn.  The Universe depends on it.  They are the worst pest imaginable.  This bunch has already got to their moon.  Could you imagine it they discovered interplanetary travel?”

I shook my head and fought back the ache in my chest.  “I know.”  I was barely able to get the words out.

He lifted my chin and looked hard and long into my eyes.  “I know,” I repeated.

He let go of my chin and eyed the ever increasing crescendo of scared, angry, and doomed people.

“I’m glad,” he said.  “Someday,” and he disappeared, probably off planet, probably off galaxy, more than likely gone to another carbon world that needed extermination.  There were so many.

I divided my collective into a thousand parts for the few microseconds needed to kill all the people within a five mile radius then continued my walk down the jade-lit street.  Alone, I let the tears come as they may.  A Super-beings work was never done.

Maybe someday.




Jason LairamoreJason Lairamore, is a family man. He is the father to three wonderful children, and is the lucky husband to one very beautiful lady. By day he works as a medical professional, and at night he is blessed enough to be father and husband. Only after normal people are safely tucked away cozily in their beds and sleeping soundly, does Jason get to sit down and explore the tangential worlds of everyanywhere. And explore he does.

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